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Interview with Grace from Paradox The Angels Are Here

This interview was first posted on Julie Crane’s Blog

Let me start out by saying that Patti Roberts is one of my favorite young adult authors. Not only is she a phenomenal writer, she is truly a giving person. She is always friendly and willing to lend a helping hand. I’m not sure how I stumbled across the first book in her series, but I’m glad I did. I fell in love with Patti’s writing and her characters. The below interview takes place with one of the main characters from the Paradox series at the age of 14. In book two—which I just finished—Grace is now 16, and I am anxiously awaiting the third book.

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Good morning Grace, it a pleasure to have you with us today

Thank you, it is nice to be here.

 We know it’s been difficult for you and your mother Kate, since your father died. How are things going now? Is Kate eating and sleeping normally? 

Oh mum is fine now, we both are.  At first I wasn’t sure if either of us was going to make it – or if we even wanted too.  I was so young, eleven, and I felt so lost without my dad.  But with the help of my amazing friends Josh and Angela, life has been, well different, but good.  And I never thought I would be able to say that.  I know that mum  is really grateful that Wade has been here  – for the both of us.  He is like a surrogate dad.  My dad would really have liked him.  When I was little, I used to close my eyes and pretend that my dad was still there.  That Wade was my dad.


Angela has become your best friend and you admit she is a bit odd. Have you ever talked to her about her strange behaviour? And do you ever feel frustrated by the things she says? 

 At first I did – not that I had any friends to compare her with!  Other than Patrick who died so young, Angela was my first real friend.  Then of course Josh came along… He had a huge crush on Angela – he still does!  I was never frustrated by Angela.  Surprised, yes – often!  Angela has this special way about her that makes it impossible for me not to want to be around her.  And Josh, well he is just like a brother.

Do you think your match making efforts with Angela will ever work? 

Okay, well that is frustrating!!!  Here is this great guy who just adores her to bits and it’s like she just doesn’t get it!  I would do anything to have a boyfriend that loved me like that!

 Tell us a little more about Josh? 

Josh is adorable – I could hug him to death.  Mum calls us the three musketeers’, Angela, Josh, and I.   Josh is so great, he would make a wonderful knight in shining armour.  And he always makes me make me laugh.   Not Angela though.  But then no one can make Angela laugh…  Dad would have called her an old soul in a young body.

 Most children and many adults want a Guardian Angel or an imaginary friend. So I was shocked to learn that you sent Hope away when you needed her the most. Hope was part of your life for over three years; do you still remember her? and do you miss her?  

Hope was just a dream, an imaginary friend.  I know that now.  Mum needed me.  She used to say that I just made Hope up when I was little because I didn’t have any real friends.  Hope sure felt real at times though, and dad even used to play along.  He made us both swords when we used to play dress-ups for one of my favourite movies The Lord Of The Rings.   I would love to have a real Guardian Angel, that would be great!

 Eleven is very young to have to care for an adult when your mother should have been caring for you. We understand she was grieving, but you were so young, do you feel robbed of your childhood because of the way your mother reacted after your father died? 

 It was a sad and weird time.  I missed dad so much but I was more afraid of what would happen to me if mum died too.    I used to have such vivid dreams about losing both my parents. So just having mum there, in any condition, was good enough for me.  And then there was Wade, so…

 The visions you have are certainly intense, how much of these do you remember and can you see a connection to your current life?

At the time I have my visions or dreams – I’m really not sure what they are – but they always feel so real – like they really happened.  But I don’t think they are connected to my real life.  I read somewhere that dreams are just your mind trying to make sense of random thoughts you have throughout the day.   Maybe I just have a vivid imagination.

 What is Darwin like? I

have always wanted to visit but it seems like another world away.  Darwin is really great.  I like living here.  Not that I have ever lived anywhere else.  It will always be my home too me.  Some people don’t like the heat and the rain that much.  Well okay, it does get hot sometimes but I don’t mind, I’m used to it.  And the rain, well that can be smothering at times but I really love the thunder storms – they are kind of amazing and scary but at the same time they are powerful – energizing!  That does that sound weird?

 Wade has been very helpful and supportive. Do you think he is falling in love with your mother? 

 When I was little things like that never crossed my mind.  My mother wasn’t capable of loving anyone other than my dad.  But now, well sometimes I think it would be kind of cool.  She shouldn’t have to be alone for the rest of her life.  And sometimes Wade reminds me so much of my dad that they could be related.  Like they are brothers or something…

 Are you still a vegetarian?  

Oh yes, ever since I saw those cows being slaughtered at the abattoir I have never been able to eat red meat ever since.  It was just so horrible, and the smell…  I feel sick just thinking about it.  I really like fish though.

Thanks for talking with us today Grace,

Thank you, it has been fun.  Easiest homework ever…  Well kind of homework.  Everyone starting high school has to do these interview type assignments for the new student councilor, Miss Siena Cintra.  She is so pretty and I wished I had hair like that.

About the Author

Name Patti Roberts

Location Cairns Queensland Australia.

On any given day you can usually find me sitting at my desk in front of my laptop pounding away at the keys writing another chapter in the Paradox series. That would be a run of the mill kinda day for me!

A packet of Cruskits and a water bottle, that is now at room temperature, is sitting on the desk beside me. There is also a mass of USB cables, notepads, bills to be paid, bills to be filed a bunch of pens and a printer that is forever running out of ink. Sound familiar.

On most days I have to remind myself to eat and drink. I Should be thinner!!!

I am sure my housemates are very thankful that I still manage (usually at some ungodly hour) to bathe, brush my hair and clean my teeth.

I don’t know about you. But I am usually mortified when visitors just pop around, only to find me sitting at my desk and still in my PJ’s. I don’t even want to broach the hair situation! Did I remember to put last nights dishes away???

Now, they say to be a good writer, you must read, read, read. Then read some more…

Thankfully, due to the invention of the electronic reader (I have a kindle and love it) I get to read more these days. Correction… I have my kindle read to me! The only thing is, I have so many great books on my kindle that it is so hard to know where to start. So many choices.

A little more about me… And how you can contact me.

Born in Brisbane Qld Australia.
Grew up in Darwin in the NT.
Now living in Cairns Qld.  Where the Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Paradox-Series/150822348341990?sk=wall

Blog: http://theangelsarehere.wordpress.com/readers-questions-answered/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/PattiRoberts7

Thank you to all those souls that have read my book – you make my day!

PS: If you are thinking about popping a round for a coffee, that might be nice. But please give me a quick call first so I can brush my hair and smear a bit of colour across my lips.


Interview with the Teens from Arazi Crossing

This character interview was originally posted on Talk About Authors
I have the privilege of sitting down with the teens today from Arazi Crossing as they take time from their busy schedules to answer a few questions for me.
Natalie: Hi everyone, so glad you can be here with me today. So tell me, have you all had a chance to have a bit of a rest now that Quinn’s quest is done?
Quinn: Well, with everything that’s going on with the Arazi Royals, our trip back home to visit with our families was cut short. And for me, I feel the pressure of finishing my Ace training before the next quest.
April: Yeah, I’m kinda tired but excited about getting to the next quest.
Juina: I was bummed that my quest was moved but I understand why. At least I will get a bit more rest this way.
Janus: I’m cool. I just want to get on with it, you know? The Royals really need our help.
Maya: I’m glad for Quinn. He did really great with his quest. I hope I can do as well with mine… when the time comes.
Natalie:  Ok, so there are five of you from all different parts of the world, how is everyone getting along together, was it hard when you all first came together with the different personalities?
April: When we first met at the parallel coliseum, I was so freaked out. Like, first I had to get over the shock of finding out who Mister James really was! Then it took me a long time to even want to get to know the others, but now that we’ve traveled back in history together and helped Quinn get his quest, I feel really close to these guys.
Janus: Yeah, it was hard, being one of only two guys for this thing, but these guys are awesome and I know they will be there for me… no matter what is thrown our way.
Juina: I agree with April. At first, I hated being torn from my family, my home and thrown together with a group of kids I’d never met before. But now that I know why we’ve been brought together and I’ve witnessed just how great they are, these guys have become my new family and we are solid.
Maya: I had a lot of drama going on when all of this started, but Quinn’s a great leader and all of these guys ‘brought it’ in Scotland. I’m proud to have been chosen to be one of the next Arazi Royals and I’m proud of all of us for what we’ve been through.
Quinn: As you know, I’m an only child. I couldn’t have asked for better ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’. These guys rock!
Natalie:  Quinn, your quest was first, were you scared going into your quest and was it what you had expected or the total opposite from what you thought it would be like.
Quinn: Oh yeah, I was scared. I don’t mind admitting it. I mean, in the first place, traveling to Arazi Crossing with Miss Charlotte, these guys and the other Luminares was a trip in itself but to realize that Arazi Crossing is an actual place in the Earth’s mantle and that magic and sorcery are real? That was crazy. My quest was unbelievable. To go back in history and meet William Wallace in person was the coolest thing ever. To be able to change history like that gave me a real sense of purpose. My sense of kinship with my country is also way stronger now. I am prouder than ever to be Scottish.
Natalie:  How were the rest of you while helping Quinn, do you think it helped you better prepare yourself for your quests as they come?
Janus: For sure. At least now we have a sense of what traveling back in history is like. I know I can count on these guys to be there every step of the way. It was really hard getting used to the old ways of life in Scotland. Luckily our Dune rings helped out with our being able to speak the language. It was scary to be put in the midst of the fighting at Crawford’s farm, but somehow me, Maya and April managed to find the courage to fight with the rest of them.
April: My quest won’t be for a while yet, but I’m ready to help with the other quests. I feel really good about my part in Quinn’s evolution. It was awesome to be part of an old-fashioned Scottish wedding!
Juina: I was fine in Scotland until Quinn and I had to travel to Robroyston with Malcolm Wallace and the other men. When we were in the middle of battling the English, I thought I would have a heart attack! I was so glad they didn’t have guns back then. As for being prepared for my own quest? I hope my mind will overpower my heart if I have to send one of my ancestors to his or her death. I mean, I know these people will die at some point, but I’d rather it not be directly by my own hand.
Maya: I hated being April’s ‘servant’, but the rest of Quinn’s quest was cool. April really surprised me in Scotland. She was great! I also loved the wedding – it was so romantic – something I will never forget. I’m ready for my quest – no question.
Natalie:  Can you guys tell me a bit more about Arazi Crossing and the Royals, they all seem so nice.  
Maya: If you close your eyes and think of a royal family who mean something to you, like from your own country, then you can imagine the Arazi Royals.
April: Yeah, if you think of your grandparents or some really kind people in your own life, then that feeling you get when you think of them would describe how great the Royals are. Even though they are Aces, powerful sorcerers… they are so down to earth.
Janus: It was the place that drew me the most. Even though the castle is made of diamond and it’s laid out like the Roman coliseum in Italy, it’s warm and inviting. I really feel at home there.
Juina: When we first arrived in Arazi Crossing, I thought I was losing my mind. The logical side of me kicked in and I dismissed everything around me as not real – just a fantasy. But as soon as the Arazi Royals welcomed us with that beautiful song, my heart opened up and my imagination let them in. It’s still hard for me to talk about the Royals without getting upset. I felt a real connection to Matthew. I don’t know why… really, but a part of me hurts now that he’s gone.
Quinn: Arazi Crossing is a world of its own. The castle, the gardens, the training grounds… even the lake seem like home to me now. As for the Royals, well, they are my family and I felt an instant connection with them as soon as we arrived. Like Juina, my heart aches for Matthew and Emma Jane, but I know they are with the Spirits now and that they are together and safe from Evil.
Natalie:  What was it like travelling to Arazi Crossing for the very first time?
Quinn: Oh… I’ve got this! The chariot? That thing owns! It’s the coolest ride ever! To be able to tunnel down through the earth like that? It was awesome!
Janus: Yeah, to ride along, looking out the windows at all the little creatures and everything? It was sweet!
April: I like the fact that we each got our own sfera. The marbles run the chariot and that’s totally cool. I can’t wait until we get to use them again.
Maya: To find out that there is a diamond-studded tunnel weaving down through the earth was amazing. I had no idea what that part of earth was like.
Juina: As an artist, I hope I get the chance to paint the world below. It was a beautiful journey.
Natalie: What can you share about your Mericotta bracelets?
Maya: Now… I’ve got this! As you know, having anything attached to my left wrist is the most incredible thing for me. When we accepted our destinies and joined the Arazi Royals, our little gifts transformed into Mericotta bracelets. The more we get involved with Good and our destinies, the more our bracelets become part of us. Quinn can explain the rest.
Quinn: During my quest, I could feel my bracelet almost melting into my skin. It didn’t hurt… just tingled and sizzled at times. Once my quest was over and I had my Ace ceremony, my bracelet fully attached itself to my wrist and now it looks more like a tattoo.
April: Yeah, but it works! It’s full of magical powers, right? And mine will too, right?
Quinn: Ha, ha… yes April, yours will too.
Natalie:  Ok something fun for each of you, what is one of your favorite things to do?
April: Shop… hands down the best! Ha, ha.
Maya: I love music. I hope the Royals will let me bring my fav songs to Arazi Crossing.
Janus: Play soccer. I’d love to conjure up my own team of awesome players… that is, when I become an Ace, like Quinn.
Quinn: Collect things. I already have a box full of stuff from Paragon Pyxis, and now I’m hoping with my new life that I will get to travel all over the place, collecting cool things.
Juina: Like I said, I really love painting, so I’d love to paint a few huge murals on the walls inside the Arazi castle.
Natalie:  What is the next step for you all? Whose quest is next and is there anything you can tell us about it?
Quinn: Well… it was supposed to be Juina’s, but Evil has gotten in the way of that plan. King Frederick and Queen Louise talked it over with the Proteziones and decided it would be best to change things up.
Juina: Yeah, I agreed with their choice for the next quest. Something bad is going on and the sooner we get our quests over with, the better for Arazi Crossing and for the Good of everyone.
Maya: We can’t get into details too much since we’re not sure if any members of Evil will get access to this interview.
April: Yeah, sorry, but we have to keep a few secrets until we are almost finished the next quest.
Janus: What I can say is that you won’t be disappointed in the choices that have been made. Remember… we are on the Good side now. It’s time for us to help the Royals kick some Evil butt!
I wish you all the best of luck with each of your quests and I hope we get the chance to sit down again sometime soon.  Thank you for being here with me today and taking time from your busy schedule.

About the Author – Carolyn Hockley

A resident of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Carolyn is the founder and executive director of the Young Writers’ Society of Nova Scotia, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing guidance and resources to young people. Carolyn enjoys a busy life as a single parent of two children, girlfriend to her biggest ‘fan’ and ‘mommy’ to their spoiled German shepherd. Carolyn began seriously writing YA fantasy novels two years ago. It was time for her to zero in on the age group she loves the most; teens. Her books reflect her understanding of their vitality, humour and wit. Her stories aim to match their constant desire for adventure.
Marked, in ink, with the beloved Mericotta bracelet symbol on her left wrist, Carolyn pushes forward with continuing the Arazi Crossing saga as she works on book two; Carolyn is thrilled to be launching Arazi Crossing Book One: Quinn’s Evolution.
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