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Gothic Angel Book Reviews

This will be a short post because for some reason wordpress just lost the beautiful post I prepared to thank Keren. I try again tomorrow. But I just wanted to let you know that Keren at Gothic Angel Book Reviews has put together an amazing post in support of our blog tour.

Check out the details at Gothic Angel Book Reviews

I will fix this tomorrow and make it all pretty and thank Keren again!


Blog Tour ~ First 5 Chapters – Volume 1

Come join us on tour and talk to your favorite characters on this three day blog tour event!! You will be able to follow the characters as they are interviewed!

On the third day, join these characters on Twitter! Ask them questions! Celebrate with them! Come join the festivities!!

Pick it up for FREE at Smashwords and take these great books for a free test drive!!   https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/140165

Calling all book bloggers!! (Blog Tour ~ 1st to 3rd April)

We are having a Blog Tour and need bloggers to sponsor the First Five Chapters and post character interviews on your blog! This book features not one but 6 great paranormal authors. We will be tweeting with these characters on the third day!!

Come join the fun!!

Come meet us at Facebook! 

Add this book at Goodreads!!

Cover for First 5 Chapters

6 Authors - 5 Chapters

New Facebook Page

I published my Facebook Authors page today. I wasn’t going to do this just yet because I was happy to accept everyone as a friend. Which I still am, but having a page under my name allows me to run competitions and use JavaScript, which I can’t do here or on my FB friends page.

It also stops my book stuff get lost amongst all my other Facebook Activity.

Here is the link… My FACEBOOK Page

The page has links to my interview with Patty Roberts and a Release Competition which starts today.