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New Cover Art

Here is the slightly tweeked cover art for my book!

Cover Image for Tomorrows Child

Updated Artwork

At first glance, you probably can’t even see the changes!

The text is now white and has been repositioned to make it easier to read.

There is also a little more mist! Especially around the model. Mist is a bit tricky because a little goes a long way. Too much looks tacky and not enough looks incomplete. I think I finally found the right balance.

I adjusted the lighting a little and smoothed the lines that still seemed a little hard when I viewed the image at 100%.  This wasn’t obvious at postage stamp size but it bugged me enough that I had to fix it.

Finally… I am happy with the cover. And just as well, because the print edition will arrive anyday and I will get to see how the cover really looks. Fingers crossed!

I would love to know what you think!

Do you judge a book by its cover? I know I do!

Credit for stock images used here


Thank You

Tomorrow Child Cover Art

Credit for my cover art goes to several artist at Deviant Art who provided the stock images for Tomorrows Child and gave me permission to use their images.

Stock images were supplied by

Morgana Thread_Stock [link] for the Model

Shadowelement-stock [link] for the Background image

thy-darkest-hour [link] for the rocks in the foreground.

Thank you all so very much for your amazing stock images and generosity.

And thank you to all the amazing artists at Deviant Art who inspired me to create my own cover. You guys Rock.