Read an eBook Week

Read an eBook Week

“Read an eBook Week” promotion between March 4-10!

This week I will be participating in ‘Read an eBook’ Week

You can download my book by visiting

Download Code is RE100 (You must use the download code to get the Copy for Free)

While you’re at Smashwords, check out eBooks by other indie authors that have enrolled in the giveaway. The code is the same for all books enrolled in the FREE promotion. Other codes are RE25, RE50 and RE75 depending on their percentage discount. I chose 100%  so my book is free.

If you have ever wanted to read an eBook there is no better time than now!

If you don’t own an ereader device like a Kindle, ipad, Nook or Kobo you can download a reader program to read these books on your computer. It’s a bit more difficult and a lot less comfortable than using an ereader but it will give you an idea of how eBooks work.

Here are some eReaders you can download:

Mobi Pocket Reader for PC –

Mobi Pocket for other devices –

Kindle for Mobile Devices –

Kindle for PC –  (kindle uses Mobi Files)

ePub –


eBooks are also available as a PDF

You can read about the history of read an eBook week

I will always love paper novels, but eBooks are the future, whether we want to believe it or not. While there are some books, I just love to own and hold in my hands, there are others, I am just as happy to read as an eBook.

I like the fact that I am saving resources…

  • no paper used in production of an eBook
  • no poisonous ink
  • no books pulped when the publisher’s sales deadlines are reached (what a waste!)
  • Instant delivery
  • Cheaper to buy and no delivery costs!

I am happy to have other Authors post links to their books in the comments section below.

(Be sure to add the link to your book page so readers can find your eBook easily)



8 responses to “Read an eBook Week

  1. This is great Starr, thanks!

    You can get my book on smashwords for 50% off using promo code: REW50 It’s only $1.50

    From Love and Pain by H. A. Caine

    29 year old Adrian ran away from an imprisoning and abusive household at the age of 19. For years he ran, living on the streets and in shelters, taking crappy jobs to save a little money. Ten years of struggling and now he is a successful partner of a security company. Under the guise of running the security company, Adrian and his best friend and the people who work for them help others who live unfortunately. Like Adrian, not one of his employees have a nice past. They’re all running from something, never letting their guards down and they don’t want others to suffer as they have. But Adrian makes the mistake of falling in love with a young man when he’s 27. For a while, he gets to experience what it’s like to be a normal man. He never thought he could be happy, but Jaxon makes him the happiest man in the world. Only it can’t last and Adrian is forced to leave or risk Jaxon’s life. But his demons caught up with him long before he realized and now no ones safe. Can Adrian save Jaxon before it’s too late? And can Jaxon forgive him for walking away?

  2. Thanks so much for getting the word out! My e-book is free this week:
    Mine’s Young Adult Romance, but if you go to Smashwords, you’ll find all kinds of indie books available. Give it a try!

  3. My e-book is 50% off this week at Smashwords – $1.50. Butterfly Powder and the Mountains of Iowa

    A wry coming of age novel set in the panorama of 1960s Iowa farm country. The protagonist, a talented underachiever with an ever-present notebook for pithy observations and a scheme to help an underdog, sees his life turned upside down after he discovers the girl of his dreams and the rival of his nightmares. His adventures culminate with a truth that awaits him after he returns from a devastating experience in Vietnam.

    Thanks a lot for doing this and explaining about the options for reading ebooks without an ereader.

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  8. Thanks everyone for leaving links to your book! Hope you had a successful week at Smashwords!

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