Tomorrows Child Published on Smashwords

Phew! I finally finished formatting Tomorrows Child and have uploaded it to Smashwords.

Smashwords is great, but it tends to do all sorts of quirky things to your formatting. It took eight attempts to get it sorted and lots of coffee!But I think I have everything sorted out now.

Here is the link if to check it out on Smashwords.

If anyone would like a free copy to review my book, just send me an email and I will forward you a coupon.

Now to get it published at Createspace… hmmm more coffee!



12 responses to “Tomorrows Child Published on Smashwords

  1. Hi 🙂 I thought I’d let you know (in case you can still format this eBook) that all new sections should start hard up against the margin. It kills me seeing so many self-published authors do it wrong!

    Good luck with the launch!

    P.S. If you are interested, here’s a link to other simple tips:

  2. Thanks for the advice Rebecca. I finished my ebooks today, hopefully it is error free! I realise it is a bit tricky with the conversion into so many formats… but bad formatting can be distracting.
    Tonight I will finish the formatting for Createspace. I think that will be a lot easier and something I am already familiar with.
    I visited your website! Heaps of useful tips

  3. I never noticed that before you mentioned it. So I went and looked at the novels on my bookshelf and they are all ‘hard against the margin’ amazing! I have read heaps of books and blogs about formatting and never came across it. But you are right – this is exactly how professionally formatted books are done!
    I didn’t do this in the ebook but I will for the print version. With Smashwords you can republish a million times if you want. (so I will revisit that edition in a few days)

  4. All done! It does look heaps better.

  5. As soon as I get to it. I will let you know when I have fixed it, if you like.

  6. A fantastic read !! Really enjoyed the story !! Good luck and congrats on getting your first novel published , can’t wait for the sequel 🙂

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